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Aricent Technologies Holdings Ltd. provides communication software for the communications industry. The Company offers middleware, consumer and enterprise applications, network management, service provisioning, and billing mediation. Aricent Technologies (Holdings) Limited is a subsidiary of Capgemini SE which acquired Altran Technologies SAS at a global level in the first half of the calendar year 2020. Pursuant to the said acquisition, all the Altran group companies, including the Company are now a part of the Capgemini group. The Company is now a step-down subsidiary of Capgemini SE, a listed entity formed and registered under the laws of France.

Following the acquisition of the Altran Group, Capgemini now ranks as the undisputed world leader in Engineering and R&D services (“ER&D”) with a portfolio of high-profile clients, extensive sector expertise, and in-depth understanding of industrial business processes and operational technologies.

Capgemini offers its clients an unmatched and unique value proposition to address their transformation and innovation needs and works alongside its clients, from the initial concept stage through industrialization, to invent the products and services of tomorrow and boost the value of clients’ organization. Capgemini has been working with major players in many sectors like Automotive, Aeronautics, Space, Defence & Naval, Communications, Semiconductor & Electronics, Software & Internet, etc. and utilizes its global network of world-class experts, a cost-cutting industrial supply chain, and its customized tools to deliver clients business goals in an ever more challenging environment.


Several elements combine to make Anand Rathi Wealth Services Ltd the robust and stable company that it is. Taking into account the various accolades the firm has won, which have a direct impact on the company’s public image and reputation.

  • London ranked 34 in India’s great mid-size workplaces 2017 by the HT Media Ltd
  • Best wealth manager India 2019
  • Best wealth manager India by capital finance international.

The ROE ratio of Anand Rathi Wealth Services Ltd is another indicator of the company’s strength. The company’s ROE ratio is about 43.76 percent, compared to merely 23.12 percent for the industry. Apart from these factors, the company’s other income has grown by Rs 20.67 million to Rs 23.13 million, representing an increase of 840.24 percent.

Anand Rathi Wealth Unlisted Share – Products / Services

(i) The Company is a step-down subsidiary of Aricent (formerly known as the “Aricent Group”). Aricent is a leading global engineering services and software company, with specialized expertise in the communications, semiconductors, and software market segments.

(ii) The Company provides outsourced product development, product support services, and licensable software frameworks and solutions. Aricent’s service offerings provide a comprehensive product lifecycle of services for communications networks, as well as connected devices, applications, and mobile services.

This software is in areas that include: 4G Long Term Evolution, G, Multimedia, Software Defined Networks, Mobile Edge Computing, Switching Routing solutions, Network Functions Virtualization, Self Organizing Networks, Machine-to-Machine, WiFi, Cloud, SmartGrid, and Internet of Things.

Aricent is focusing on the following five service lines:

    1. Communications
    2. Semiconductors and Industrial
    3. Enterprise Software and Consumers
    4. Product Service and Support
    5. Innovation

    (iii) Aricent Technologies Private Limited (ATPL ) is the only subsidiary of the company as of 31.03.2019. It holds 100% shares in the company.

Aricent Technologies Holdings Ltd.Unlisted Shares Price
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Aricent Technologies (Holdings) Limited Unlisted Shares Details:

Particulars( in Lakhs) 2020-21 2019-20 2018-19 2017-18
Revenue 27925 33642 28410 22372
Employee Cost 15076 16720 13276 10422
Other Expenses 4499 5773 6708 5218
EBITDA 8350 11149 9450 8121
OPM 30% 33% 33% 36%
Interest Cost 289 328 334 873
Depreciation 1773 2160 690 518
Profit Before Tax 6288 8660 8425 6730
Tax 1833 2521 2516 2122
Net Profit 4455 6139 5909 4608
NPM 16% 18% 21% 21%
Shares 275.136 270.274 269.09 268.86
FV 5 5 5 5
EPS 16.13 22.36 21.96 17.19
Net Worth 25318 19792 13501 7816
RONW 18% 31% 44% 59%
Book Value 92 73 50 29
Capital Employed 28568 24809 13550 8399
ROCE 16% 37% 65% 97%
Total Available Shares: Not Available
Face Value: ₹ 10 Per Equity Share
ISIN: INE272I01010
Lot Size: 100 Shares
Current Unlisted Share Price: ₹ Best in Industry Per Equity Share


Shareholding Pattern:

Shareholding pattern as on 31.03.2020

Shareholder Name(Promoters) No of shares % of total shares  % of shares pledged 
Aricent Holdings Mauritius India Ltd 2,34,76,578 17.89 17.89
Aricent Holding 10,54,29,478 80.36 80.36


Financials of Aricent Technologies (Holdings) Limited Unlisted Shares:

(Figures in Millions)

Year Revenue EBITDA EBITDA Margins PAT PAT Margins Equity FV EPS
2016 21106 4331 20.52% 1920 9.1% 1312 10 14.63
2017 20965 4442 21.19% 2023 9.6% 1312 10 15.41
2018 21885 4500 20.56% 2043 9.3% 1312 10 15.57
2019 22764 4182 18.37% 2046 9.0% 1312 10 15.59
2020 25409 5077 19.99% 7027 13.27% 1312 10 54.00
2021 26100 4662 17.86% 1960 7.51% 1312 10 15.00


FY19-20 Analysis

  1. The company has shown a growth of 11.61% in the FY19-20 as compared to last year.
  2. The EBITDA margins have improved from 18.37% to 19.99% as compared to last year.
  3. The PAT for FY19-20 is 702 Crores as compared to mere 204 Crores last year. This has nothing to do with any operational excellence but it has increased due to the addition of deferred tax amounting to 354 Crores this year.
  4. The company has generated 150 Crores of positive cash flows from operation in FY19-20.
  5. The company is debt-free.

Comparison With Peers:

The company is an IT Solutions provider, so its nearest peers can be taken as Infosys and Wipro. The Price of Infosys and Wipro is taken on 31.08.2019 for comparison.

Particulars Infosys Wipro Aricent
P/E 22 16.56 12
P/B 5.44 2.71 1.39
Map(cr) 3,49,874 1,53,509 2361

Aricent Technologies Holdings Ltd. Share Price

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