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BLSX Ltd Unlisted Buy & Sell - Babli Investment

BLSX Ltd Enterprise Company Profile

BLSX Ltd Enterprise  is ISO 9001:2015 certified and professionally managed. As one of the most renowned companies in their field,  they are known for their quality assurance, product range, customer relationship/satisfaction, and proactive nature.

With the capable leadership of Mr. Vipul Trivedi, BLSX Ltd has thrived over the years on integrity, intelligence, and innovation. As well as manufacturing over 1500 rubber and rubber to metal products, including 650 varieties of world-class hose pipes, BLSX Ltd has collaborated with prestigious organisations to develop and introduce innovative products. 

A Certificate of Compliance from UK & RDSO approved sources has also been issued to BLSX Ltd by the Indian Government. Besides manufacturing heavy earth moving machinery, mining equipment, and pioneering rubber hose pipes of high quality

BLSX Management Team

Vipul Trivedi


A multi-sector veteran with nearly 42 years of experience, Mr Trivedi has worked at the highest levels of BLSX Ltd and Orion Hose Solutions.

Unmesh Trivedi

Managing Director

Over ten years’ experience providing innovative solutions to complex macro issues. Through his skills in business administration and management, he has persuaded key mergers with several organisations around the world, oversees company strategies, and promotes new investment opportunities.

BLSX Ltd Unlisted Share Price


By leading an innovative approach in various sectors of industries, BLSX Ltd aims to make the brand synonymous with Trust and Quality. Taking pride in Their efforts to use business to inspire and improve people’s standards and generate employment in a global sense, we strive to be a significant part of Their customers’ growth.


  • Innovation 
  • Excellence 
  • Integrity 
  • Continual improvement


Establish a benchmark in the Rubber, Aerospace, Dredging, Infrastructure, and Defence industries through business integrity and work ethics. We aim to revolutionise the industry and make India a global leader in aerospace, defence, and infrastructure with Their presence on five continents. 

BLSX Ltd Certificate

Product & Services Of BLSX Ltd

  • Material performance is improved
  • Enhanced Reliability and Durability
  • Time and effort optimization
  • Sustainability in the environment

The Competence Of Blsx Ltd Lies In The Fields Of

  • Dredge Hoses
  • Bridge & Structural Parts
  • Bridge & Structural Parts
  • Infrastructure And Rehabilitation 
  • Excavator & Earth Moving Machinery

Company Clientele

Vision 2025

Floating Dredge Hoses

Floating hoses are widely used on all kinds of water basins in the Middle East, South Africa and Indian Subcontinent.

Their most common applications are reloading oil in ports, transferring crude oil from an oil rig to a ship, and dredging. It is important to keep hoses afloat to prevent damage from the ship’s propeller and to steer the vessel.

Even in adverse weather conditions, floating hoses are easily visible. BLSX Ltd is the first Indian company that manufactures floating hoses for the global market. They are made of foam that will not absorb water or sink under any operating conditions.


Becoming a pioneer in the aerospace engineering industry by gaining expertise in manufacturing critical components for aircrafts.Due to the low level of competition in the rubber component manufacturing sector for aerospace and aviation, we aspire to develop and manufacture critical components which have never before been manufactured in India.In this way, we will be able to lead and create our own path and promote the make in India ideology. Their team has already collaborated with a few prestigious organisations and is in the process of collaborating with several others.


Establish a world-class infrastructure and develop technical capabilities to compete and thrive in the arms and ammunition industry. In response to being given the opportunity to set up, operate, and manufacture ammunition in OMAN, BLSX Ltd has been researching and developing this division with a core team.


For research and development of new products and for maintaining the high quality standards set by Their clients, we have a state-of-the-art testing laboratory.Their facility is equipped with two autoclaves – 30 metres and 9 metres – as well as 9 compression moulding machines, 8 hose production lines, two kneaders, mixing mills, extruders, calendar machines, heavy duty boilers, a state-of-the-art laboratory, and a full fabrication unit for defence and construction.Including machinery and infrastructure to meet every need of the rubber, plastic, and fabrication industries,Their production capabilities are second to none in the industry.Their skilled workforce and technical team are eager to meet challenges head-on.

Buy BLSX Ltd Shares By Following These Simple Steps

  • Please send us your Pan number, address, and demat account number.
  • Please select the number of unlisted shares you wish to purchase on the BLSX Ltd.
  • We will transfer the BLSX Ltd unlisted shares to you once you transfer the money into Their bank account.
  • Send Your Pan Number, Address, And Demat Account Number To Us.
  • Select The Number Of BLSX Ltd Unlisted Shares You Want To Purchase.
  • Transfer The Money Into Their Bank Account And We Will Transfer You The BLSX Ltd  Unlisted Shares.