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Anand Rathi Wealth Services is one of India’s largest non-bank wealth management services businesses, providing consulting, distribution, and technology solutions to a wide range of customers. They are one of the few wealth management firms in India that offers a variety of services to customers ranging from the mass affluent to HNIs and Ultra HNIs, ranging from human service to technology and Robo-advisory.

Anand Rathi Wealth Services Ltd is one of the most well-established businesses in our country today. In general, Anand Rathi Wealth Services Ltd, together with a few others, form the industry’s hierarchy. He is India’s only financial representative and has significant authority over stock brokers. When we talk about a firm of such kind, it’s critical to keep a watch on the administration, which is the backbone of any business. Many assessors of status and expertise have criticised the administration of Anand Rathi Wealth Services Ltd; nonetheless, we give the company’s administration a big 4 out of 5 rating. Anand Rathi Wealth Services Ltd’s management is not only smooth, but also clean and trustworthy, providing clients with a safe haven.

Anand Rathi Wealth Services – Business Potential

Several elements combine to make Anand Rathi Wealth Services Ltd the robust and stable company that it is. Taking into account the various accolades the firm has won, which have a direct impact on the company’s public image and reputation.

  • London ranked 34 in India’s great mid-size workplaces 2017 by the HT Media Ltd
  • Best wealth manager India 2019
  • Best wealth manager India by capital finance international.

The ROE ratio of Anand Rathi Wealth Services Ltd is another indicator of the company’s strength. The company’s ROE ratio is about 43.76 percent, compared to merely 23.12 percent for the industry. Apart from these factors, the company’s other income has grown by Rs 20.67 million to Rs 23.13 million, representing an increase of 840.24 percent.

Anand Rathi Wealth Unlisted Share – Products / Services

When it comes to HNI and Ultra HNI services, the firm provides them to clients via one of its well-established platforms, which also contains a variety of revenue-generating activities. The firm is responsible for the cautious distribution of mutual funds as well as the marketing of financial goods. Anand Rathi Wealth Services Ltd is also renowned for its in-house team of specialists, who are well-known for providing investment advice to the company’s customer family. While the firm has many platforms to achieve what it promises, they have just developed the Digital platform for wealth management, which provides discrete and integrated asset management through judicious use of technology.

One of those rare projects is Anand Rathi Wealth Unlisted Share. It works hand in hand with contemporary technology and has figured out how to put it to work for the financial sector. The digital wealth management platform or software performs admirably. This enables clients to begin the process of constructing long-term wealth on a desktop or mobile device. Omni Financial Advisors is another platform that was developed under the umbrella of Anand Rathi Wealth Services Ltd and is well-versed in current technologies. When the corporation understood that multiple businesses needed to develop, they used OFA. The OFA was brought in to make this happen in the most simple and elegant manner possible.

Subsidiary Analysis

  1. AR Digital Wealth Private Limited:

The company ARDWPL – AR Digital Wealth Pvt Ltd intends to provide a bundled investment solution for clients in the mass affluent category who want to increase their wealth. It aims to create a Scalable and Profitable model by combining technological capabilities with human interaction. In its endeavour to establish a Partner-led distribution strategy via which this bundled Investment solution is provided, the company has experienced positive results. These Partners are AMFI-registered Mutual Fund Distributors looking to expand their company by bringing the Anand Rathi brand, product research, selection, and investment insights to their clients via an innovative and user-friendly technology interface.

ARDWPL’s operational income for FY 2021 was Rs. 515.91 lakhs, up from Rs. 463.16 lakhs the previous year.

  1. Freedom Intermediary Infrastructure Private Limited

FIINFRA has developed the “Omni Financial Advisor (OFA)” digital platform-as-a-Service (PAAS) concept to support independent financial advisers (IFAs) in their advising business. More than 5,000 IFAs throughout the country are currently using it. This web and mobile platform-based system enables independent financial advisers to execute, track, and report on their customers’ investments without the need for human intervention.

FIINFRA’s operational income for FY 2021 was Rs. 496.42 lakhs, up from Rs. 455.37 lakhs the previous year.

  1. Freedom Wealth Solutions Private Limited:

SEBI amended the SEBI (Investment Advisers) Regulations, 2013 by issuing a circular on September 23, 2020, which states, among other things, that a non-individual investment adviser must have client level segregation at the group level for investment advisory and distribution services, and that the same client cannot be offered both advisory and distribution services within the non-individual entity’s group. Such amendments took effect on September 30, 2020, and as of that date, we have ceased activities under the SEBI (Investment Advisers) Regulations, 2013, despite the fact that we still have an investment advisory licence.

FWSPL’s operational income for FY 2021 was Rs. 149.06 lakhs, up from Rs. 128.85 lakhs the previous year.

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Financials of Anand Rathi Wealth Services Unlisted Shares

Particulars( in Lakhs) 2020-21 2019-20 2018-19 2017-18
Revenue 27925 33642 28410 22372
Employee Cost 15076 16720 13276 10422
Other Expenses 4499 5773 6708 5218
EBITDA 8350 11149 9450 8121
OPM 30% 33% 33% 36%
Interest Cost 289 328 334 873
Depreciation 1773 2160 690 518
Profit Before Tax 6288 8660 8425 6730
Tax 1833 2521 2516 2122
Net Profit 4455 6139 5909 4608
NPM 16% 18% 21% 21%
Shares 275.136 270.274 269.09 268.86
FV 5 5 5 5
EPS 16.13 22.36 21.96 17.19
Net Worth 25318 19792 13501 7816
RONW 18% 31% 44% 59%
Book Value 92 73 50 29
Capital Employed 28568 24809 13550 8399
ROCE 16% 37% 65% 97%

Anand Rathi Wealth Services Share Price

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