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  • They are a fintech firm that is one of India’s largest mobile wallet (MobiKwik Wallet) and Buy Now Pay Later (“BNPL”) players, according to mobile wallet gross merchandise value (“GMV”) and BNPL GMV in Fiscal 2021, respectively. According to the RedSeer Report, India’s online transacting consumers grew at a 15 percent CAGR from 180 million in Fiscal 2018 to over 250 million in Fiscal 2021. However, as of March 31, 2021, India has just 30-35 million unique credit card holders, resulting in a credit card penetration rate of 3.5 percent when compared to the world’s main economies. They’re aiming to meet the unmet credit demands of these rapidly expanding online traders by combining the simplicity of ordinary mobile payments with the advantages of Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL).
  • They are a payments and financial services firm that focuses on technology. To keep customers and merchants on their platform happy, they utilise big data analytics and deep data science (including machine learning).
  • They started off in 2009 with the MobiKwik Wallet, which allowed customers to put money into a mobile wallet and pay their utility bills with a single click. Their mobile wallet use cases have grown over time to encompass ecommerce shopping, food delivery, gas stations, big retail chains, and pharmacies, among other things. Their extensive merchant network comprises websites and mobile applications that accept the MobiKwik Wallet as a payment option during the checkout process, as well as real retail shops that accept the MobiKwik Wallet as a QR code payment option at the point-of-sale (“POS”)/ cashier. Peer-to-peer payments through universal payment interface (“UPI”), MobiKwik Wallet, and MobiKwik Wallet to bank payments are also supported on their platform. Their company has over 101.37 million registered users and over 3.44 million ecommerce, physical retail, and biller partners as of March 31, 2021.
  • In 2012, they launched Zaakpay, a payment gateway, to further strengthen their value proposition to its online businesses. Zaakpay allows online businesses and mobile apps to accept payments from their customers using a variety of methods, including debit and credit cards, mobile wallets, UPI, and net banking.


  1. Total registered users increased by 40%, while MAUs increased by 90%. (Monthly Active Users)
  2. MobiKwik stores 18 million of the 47 million credit cards issued in India.
  3. MobiKwik’s @iKwik handles account for almost 11% of all UPI handles granted in India thus far.
  4. MobiKwik routinely ranks among the Top 4 COUs (Customer Operating Units), ahead of a number of banks (70 banks and non-banks) that hold the Bharat Billpay System (BBPS) licence.
  5. MobiKwik ranks second among all PPI participants for Wallet to Bank financial transfers over the IMPS rails (including wallets, payment banks and bank owned wallets)
  6. MobiKwik consistently ranks in the top two non-cash, non-card payment alternatives for prominent online merchants in Travel, Food Delivery, Gaming, eCommerce, as well as typical use cases in the physical world such as Milk Booths, Petrol Pumps, Pharmacies, and so on.
  7. With a loan book of US$ 24 million, MobiKwik has originated over 350,000 completely digital loans.
  8. MobiKwik’s Payment Gateway division, which processes payments for Uber, Indian Railways, and other prominent eCommerce merchants, reached a total payment volume of US$ 3 billion.


Upasana Rupkrishan Taku is the Group’s Chairman of the Board, Executive Director, Co-Founder, and COO. She co-founded MobiKwik with the goal of transforming India’s digital payments ecosystem, which was almost non-existent when we started in 2009. She estimates that the Indian Fintech market would be worth at least $1 trillion by 2025, with MobiKwik playing a key role.

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Financials of Mobikwik Unlisted Shares

Profit & Loss Analysis

Particulars (in Cr.) FY21 FY20 FY19
Income 288.57 355.68 148.48
Growth% -18% 139%
Employee Benefit 53.03 65.69 56.9
Other expenses 351.04 383.94 245.2
EBITDA -101.81 -84.64 -141.87
OPM -35% -24% -96%
Finance Cost 7.14 10.71 7.82
Depreciation 1.31 2.7 1.51
Other Income 13.68 14.18 11.76
PBT -110.27 -98.05 -151.2
PAT -111.3 -99.92 -147.97
NPM -39% -28% -100%
Equity Shares 0.10 0.10 0.10
EPS -22 -20 -31

Balance Sheet Analysis:

Particulars (in Cr.) FY21 FY20 FY19
Non-Current Assets 69.58 27.31 28.53
PP&E 0.94 0.8 1.19
Other Assets 68.64 19.31 27.34
Current Assets 353.56 310.62 306.55
Cash and Bank balance 204.33 216.86 203.83
Trade Receivables 37.6 16.76 16.62
Investment 3.67
Other Assets 99.29 54.75 50.49
Current Liability 440.8 362.49 316.81
Short Term Debt 58.05 62.48 60.47
Trade Payables 85.18 62.44 76.08
Other Financial Liability 282.86 225.37 164.58
Other Current Liability 5.72 3.16 5.44
Non-Current Liability 2.35 6.3 19.85
Long-Term Debt 1.26 12.96
Other Liabilities 2.35 5.04 6.84
Total Equity -20.01 -30.85 -1.57
Share Capital 1.005 1.005 1.005
Other Equity -35.45 -45.18 -15.31

Cash Flow Analysis:

Particulars (in Cr.) FY21 FY20 FY19
CFO -34.51 -18.25 -138.32
CFI 10.49 13.16 73.47
CAPEX 0.61 0.22 1.19
CFF 72.57 -23.19 54.41
Free-Cash -35.12 -18.47 -139.51

Ratio Analysis

Ratios FY21 FY20 FY19
Debt 58.05 63.74 73.43
Equity -20.01 -30.85 -1.57
D/E -2.90 -2.07 -46.77
ROE -556% -324% -9425%
ROCE 630% -407% -809%

MobiKwik Unlisted Share Price

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