Do You Recommend Buying MSEI Unlisted Shares?

MSEI Unlisted Shares

Overview of Metropolitan Stock Exchange of India Ltd Unlisted Shares:

  • Metropolitan Stock Exchange of India Ltd (MSE) is identified by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) under Section 4 of Securities Contracts (Regulation) Act, 1956. The Exchange was accepted as a “recognized stock exchange” by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. of India, on December 21, 2012. It is under the ownership of the Ministry of Finance.
  • MSE provides an open high-tech electronic platform for transactions in the Capital market, Futures and Options contracts, Foreign Exchange Derivatives and part of the Debt market.
  • The Exchange accepted SEBI’s support to implement the operating principles of SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises).
  • The Exchange provides a real-time trading platform for all industries except SMEs. The Exchange has a subsidiary of MCCIL, an Indian Metropolitan Clearing Company, which is responsible for processing and clearing all transactions on the Exchange.
  • “Information, innovation, education and research” are the four pillars of MSE’s unique philosophy, namely to expand the market and advance its financial literacy mission to obtain financial services prescribed by the Indian government. The Exchange has cooperated with famous academic institutions, media, trade organizations, international standards and economic experts to plan information and publicity activities.

The current owner of the exchange is very diverse among companies, banks and private investors. The exchange must obtain SEBI’s annual approval extension.


Shareholders of MSEI:-

Shareholders include private and public banks, stock exchanges, financial institutions and private investors. 

Some of these shareholders are:-

  1. State Bank of India 
  2. Union Bank of India 
  3. UCO Bank
  4. Canara Bank 
  5. Punjab National Bank 
  6. Indian Overseas Bank 
  7. Indian Bank
  8. Bank of India 
  9. Bank of Baroda 
  10. HDFC Bank 
  11. Axis Bank 
  12. MCX
  13. ILandFS 
  14. IFCI 
  15. Mr Radhakishan S. Damani 
  16. Mr. Siddhartha Balachandran 
  17. Mr Nemish Shah



  • 1500+ companies available for trading
  • 206 corporate bonds available for trading
  • 2,136 corporate bonds available on deal reporting platform 
  • EBP (Electronic Book Platform) for Corporate Bond issuance
  • 6 products available for trading in Interest Rate Futures
  • 49 ETFs (exchange-traded funds) available for trading

MSEI has not yet been listed on major exchanges such as BSE and NSE, but MSEI’s unlisted shares are regularly traded on the grey market through an over-the-counter trading mechanism.


What is the Market Update?

MSEI has introduced Market Update, which is a quarterly and monthly internal newsletter that is sent to the company’s employees. It focuses on the financial markets, both domestic and international. Moreover, it offers you a quick reference to current regulatory, market development initiatives undertaken by regulatory authorities and market locations that impact the financial markets and economic circumstances in general. To ensure that market players and stakeholders are well-informed and updated, this is a constant effort.


MSEI’s Consolidated Financial Annual Report- 2020:-

For the year ended March 31, 2020:- (₹ in lakh)

  1. Total Revenue – 3,701
  2. Total Expenses – 6,722
  3. Profit / (Loss) before tax – 4,501
  4. Net Profit / (Loss) after Taxes and Minority Interest – 4,612
  5. Earnings per equity share of the face value of Re.1 each – 0.10


MSEI Unlisted Shares Details:-

Total Available Shares – 1000000

Face Value – ₹ 1 per Equity Share

ISIN – INE312K01010

Lot Size – 10000 Shares

Current Unlisted Share Price – ₹ Best in industry Per Equity Share

Retail Discount: Bulk Deal (5%)


Metropolitan Stock Exchange Dividend:-

Details about Metropolitan Stock Exchange Dividend are:-

Above 100,000 shares – ₹ 1.30 per equity share

50,000 shares to 100,000 shares – ₹ 1.35 per Equity Share

25,000 shares to 50,000 shares – ₹ 1.40 per Equity Share

10,000 shares to 25,000 shares – ₹ 1.45 per Equity Share

Below 10,000 shares – ₹ 1.50 per Equity Share


How to Buy MSEI Shares?

  • Send Pan Number, Address, and Demat Account Number
  • Select the desired number of Metropolitan Stock Exchange Of India Unlisted Shares to be purchased.
  • Transfer the money to the company’s Bank Account and the company will transfer the MSEI Unlisted Shares.



MSEI has a comprehensive as well as detailed website that has individualized segments explaining the features and functions, from products, markets, indices, members to technology, MCCIL, knowledge centre, quick links, the layout of MSEI makes it easier for a new investor to assimilate all the possible information before taking a prudent decision. Apart from that, we at Babli Investment, make it thoroughly structured and convenient to understand and then buy the Metropolitan Stock Exchange Dividend. 


Do we recommend buying MSEI unlisted shares?

We, at Babli Investment, encourage each investor to know what they are getting into and therefore, we have detailed information mentioned on our website. In conclusion, MSEI is an excellent developing firm, and there is no harm in buying 10,000-20,000 shares, if not more, for a price of roughly Rs.1.5 per share.


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Upcoming products and services of MSEI:- 

Aside from expanding market share in existing categories and goods, MSE aims to create and implement a wide variety of additional products, including SME platform, Book Building System, Offer to Buy and Mutual Fund System, in the long term future.

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