How to Transfer Unlisted Shares?

We are frequently asked can we transfer shares from one Demat account to another, how to transfer stocks from one broker to another, and how to transfer shares from one person to another, this article will help you with these doubts.

What is the process of stock transfer?

There has been a rise in unlisted share purchases among Indian equity investors in recent years. Due to its wide reach and straightforward accessibility, the internet has led to a sharp rise in unlisted investments because of its ease of access and increasing awareness. Pre-IPO securities or unlisted shares can also be purchased in a simplified manner. However, you will need to meet some basic requirements before you can purchase shares from them. 

Pre-IPO markets are markets where private investors and employees of the company sell their stakes at a higher price and investors can buy shares of a public company that is not listed on the market.

A company’s equity shares are listed on the BSE and NSE, where both individual investors and corporate investors can trade them. Investing in a listed company means purchasing the shares of that company. An unlisted company can also offer unlisted shares to investors when it is not listed on any exchange and does not qualify as an unlisted public company.

Several companies trade in unlisted markets, such as Reliance Retail, Tata Technologies, Sterlite Power, and AGS Transact. In addition to the traditional companies, investors can also invest in multiple start-ups such as Oravel Stays – OYO, ANI Technologies – Ola, and One97 Communications – Paytm.

If you want to buy or sell unlisted shares, you need a reliable dealer or broker like Babli Investment, which has been in business for many years, has multiple shares in its portfolio and provides investors with sound advice for maintaining long-term relationships.

When the companies are at the early stage, especially at the growing stage, they issue shares to private investors as a reward to their employees. Through their equity sales, creative companies can generate revenues and become established investors through their unique ideas and technology.

Investing in shares of companies whose parent companies are strong and have strong roots is also another way to determine that the subsidiary entities will be successful and will achieve high returns. It’s quite common for employees, venture capitalists, angel investors, service providers, and startups. to own unlisted shares. Liquidating their stakes on the open market is the only way they can accomplish this.

It is necessary for existing investors to sell their shares to many buyers in order to make such deals work. Despite this, there is no mechanism for determining fair prices since their price is determined by demand and supply.

In this blog, we have answered all your questions – how to transfer shares from one account to another, how to transfer stocks from one Demat to another, how to transfer Demat account from one broker to another, how to transfer mutual funds from one broker to another and everything else about off market share transfer.

How to transfer shares from one Demat account to another?

It is important to know how to transfer shares from one Demat to another online. In general, selling unlisted shares is an easy process if you are able to find a reputable dealer. For transferring shares, you can contact any Babli Investment representative.

In order to invest, an investor must provide his details with proof, including his DEMAT account information, the Client Master Report (CMR), and bank account information. As part of the transition, the CMR is one of the most important documents.

In order to sell unlisted shares, the seller must transfer them to the buyer’s Demat account with the quantities. As soon as the amount is transferred, shares are transferred to the Demat account. You can choose the mode of payment that suits you best and the charges for transfer of shares from one Demat to another depends on the multiple factors coming together.

What is a Client Master Report (CMR)?

To buy unlisted shares or pre-IPO shares, a copy of the Client Master Report (CMR) is required. A Client Master Record (CMR) contains the following information: the Depository Participant Identifier (DPID), the Client Identifier, the PAN number, and the Bank Account Number.

An email can be sent to the broker for this information, and it will be received within a few hours. When you transfer shares into the account, you will need a PAN card, an Aadhar card, and a copy of the DIS slip.

How to transfer unlisted or Pre-IPO shares?

It is possible to transfer shares from one Demat account to another using a simple procedure. The process of trading through a Demat account is similar to that of making a payment through your bank account. Demat accounts are used instead of bank accounts for the transfer of shares.

To answer you question can i transfer shares from one demat account to another? Yes, it is possible to transfer shares held at NSDL and CDSL depositories through off-market transfers, which is an offline process. The delivery instruction slip (DIS) must be filled out.

You should also know how to transfer stocks from one demat account to another between brokers. On the form, you must enter the ISIN number of the shares you want to transfer, as well as the name of the company, the Demat account, and the DP ID of the account to which the shares are being transferred. In order to proceed with the process, you must submit the form to the old broker’s office.

One needs to register on this platform using the link,, and enter the existing Demat account details.

The next step is to create a trusted account, which is the Demat account to be used for transferring shares. A transfer of securities from the old to the new Demat account can be made once the account has been successfully added after 24 hours.

Now you know the process that allows you to transfer stocks from one to another. As a result of this transfer, there is no change in beneficial ownership or capital gains. Depending on the broker, a fee may be charged for processing the transfer request. It is not possible to charge a fee when closing an old account. The same person or different individuals can transfer shares to different Demat accounts. No additional tax will be due for transfers of shares to the same individual. 

Before one invests in unlisted shares, he/she should understand the following pointers:

Giant Risks and losses: There is a lot of research involved with unlisted shares. It is necessary to understand the model of business and the potential for growth offered by the company to understand the risk inherent in their shares.

Time Consuming: It may take some time for shares to be transferred in an unlisted market. As opposed to listed markets, where shares are instantly transferred between accounts, unlisted markets take a bit longer.

Rigid Payment Methods: Payments to dealers shall only be made from respective bank accounts linked with the Demat account. This way malpractices such as money laundering and other illegitimate activities are prevented.

Excessive Paperwork: Allotment of shares requires a lot of paperwork, but it is not guaranteed even after the paperwork is submitted. In this regard, the shares of the National Stock Exchange (NSE) are a great example.

Investment Size: It is impossible for investors to purchase unlisted shares in small amounts like they can on listed markets. It is necessary to purchase a minimum number of shares for each share. In spite of this, the retail transaction size is not very large but is large enough for the transaction cost to be justified.

Insufficient Liquidity: Markets that are unlisted may become illiquid as you may have difficulty finding buyers for your shares. Sellers typically charge less than the market price because the process of settling the sale price is complicated.

The most common mistakes to steer clear of are listed below :

The consequences of making some horrible mistakes can be catastrophic, regardless of whether the market is listed or unlisted. If you make such a mistake, you will probably pay opportunity costs, restrict your capital, and even lose money.

  1. The herd mentality should not be followed. Prior to investing, do your due diligence and research well about the company.
  2.  Do not rush to buy shares if you are getting them at a very low price. The reason why existing investors take a profit at a lower price might be the decline in market value.
  3. It is not uncommon for unlisted shares to experience high price fluctuations. A fair value assessment is performed when there are significant changes in the share price.
  4. A short-term investment opportunity shouldn’t be taken when investing in unlisted shares. When a company establishes itself in the market and grows, unlisted shares are able to prove their worth. Long-term thinking and patience are key.
  5. Make sure you consult a trusted advisor before investing in unlisted shares. There are many reputed names that can provide you with advisory services to help you achieve high returns.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. If you have any further questions feel free to reach out to us.

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