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hdb financial services unlisted shares

(i) HDB Financial Services (HDBFS) is a main Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) and an unlisted company in India that takes into account the developing requirements of an optimistic India, serving both Retail and Commercial Clients. It is a Systemically Important Non-Deposit taking Non-Banking Financial Company (‘NBFC’).  Babli Investments is amongst the best dealers of unlisted shares.

(ii) Incorporated in 2008, they are a settled business with solid capitalization. HDBFS is certified with CARE AAA and CRISIL AAA evaluations for its drawn-out obligation and Bank offices and an A1+ rating for its momentary obligation and business papers, making it a solid and dependable monetary foundation. 

(iii) Products of the Company: The current item portfolio comprises three fundamental classes for example Credits, Fee-based items, and BPO administrations. 



Purchaser Loans –

The Company gives White loans( Washing Machine and Refrigerator), Brown loans, for example, TVs, sound gear, and comparable family apparatuses, and so forth) and computerized items, for example, Mobile Phones, Computer, and Laptops). The organization additionally gives loans to family unit purposes. 


Purchaser Loans Portfolio incorporates: 

  1. Gold loan 
  2. Purchaser Durable loan 
  3. Car loans 
  4. Individual loans. 
  5. loan against MFs. 


Undertaking Loans: 

Little and Medium Enterprise needs subsidizing either for Working Capital, purchasing another share, or setting up another plant. The organization made sure about unstable loans to these SMEs. 


Resource Finance: 

The organization gives loans to buy another and old vehicle or the vehicles which create pay for the borrowers, for example, Truck, Tractors and so on


Fee-based items: 

The organization is enrolled in Corporate Insurance Agents which sells Life and General protection results of HDFC Life and HDFC Ergo to the customers. 


BPO Service: 

Assortment Service-The organization has a contract with HDFC bank to gather levy from the borrowers. The organization has set up 15 call communities throughout the nation with a limit of 5000 seats. 


(iv) Infrastructure: 

The Company has 1,468 branches in 1,070 urban communities in India as of March 31, 2020. 

HDB Financial Services Unlisted Shares Details: 

All out Available Shares: 500 

Face Value: ₹ 10 Per Equity Share 

ISIN: INE756I01012 

Part Size: 100-500 Shares 

Current Unlisted Equity Share Price: ₹ Best in industry Per Equity Share 

Advertisers And Management: 

  1. Mr. Aditya Puri – Chairman and Non-Executive Director 
  2. Mr. Bhavesh Zaveri – Non-Executive Director 
  3. Mr. Jimmy Tata – Non-Executive Director 
  4. Ms. Smita Affinwala – Independent Director 
  5. Mr. Venkatraman Srinivasan – Independent Director 
  6. Mr. Ramesh G. – Managing Director and Chief Executive Officers. 


Shareholding Pattern: 

HDFC Bank holds 95.53% shares in HDBFS as of 31.03.2020.

Monetary Review: 

Financials of HDB Financial Services Limited Unlisted Shares:

(Financials in Crores)

Year Revenue PAT AUM EPS Book Value
2014 1,688.27 209.24 13560 4.32 31.7
2015 2,527.26 349.45 19290 6.63 44.68
2016 3,302.02 534.41 25906 7.64 50.87
2017 5714.54 698.77 34277 9.64 68.73
2018 7061.99 951.74 44469 12.18 79.22
2019 8724.81 1149.81 55455 14.63 91.36
2020 10756.5 1004.8 57145 12.78 102.05
6MFY21 5371 26 57528 0.33 102


  1. In FY19-20, the advance distributions were 29,853 crores as against 31,654 crores in the earlier year. 
  2. The Assets under Management (AUM) of the Company as of March 31, 2020, expanded to 58,832.75 crores from 55,425.16 crores in the earlier year. 

Made sure about advances – 44,662.81 (76%) 

Unstable Loan – 13,768.14 (24%) 


  1. As of March 31, 2020, the exceptional borrowings of the Company added up to 47,093.93 crores which they sourced from Public Sector Banks, Private Sector Banks, Mutual Funds, Insurance Companies, Financial Institutions, and so forth 


In FY19-20, HDBFS raised ~19000 Cr from the different establishments. No interest installment or head reimbursement of the Term Loans was expected and unpaid as of March 31, 2020. This shows the organization is monetarily steady and no liquidity danger in the business.

Borrowings Credit rating Amount raised
Term Loans CARE AAA;Stable CRISIL AAA/Stable 9,325.00
Non-Convertible Debentures CARE AAA;Stable CRISIL AAA/Stable 7,271.00
Market Linked Debentures CARE PP-MLD AAA;Stable CRISIL PP-MLD AAAr/ Stable 125
Unsecured RSB CARE AAA;Stable CRISIL AAA/Stable 543.5
Unsecured PD CARE AAA;Stable CRISIL AAA/Stable 200
Commercial Paper CARE A1+ CARE A1+ 2030


  1. In FY19-20, the organization has procured an income of 10756 Cr. Out of which loaning contributes 8643 Cr and BPO contributes 2110 Cr. 
  2. The Company’s PAT has gone down somewhat from 1149 Cr a year ago to 1004 Cr in FY19-20, because of budgetary debilitation loss of 1441 Cr and an expansion in representatives’ compensation. 
  3. The EPS for FY19-20 stands at 12.78. 
  4. The Book Value per Share for FY19-20 stands at 102. 


Significant Banking Parameters:

Particulars 2020 2019
Loan disbursement 29583 31654
Net Interest Margins 7.20% 6.20%
G.NPA 4.20% 1.86%
N.NPA 3.20% 1.26%
CRAR 19.36% 17.91%
ROE 11.84% 16.01%
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