Is it Profitable to Buy Indian Carbon Limited Unlisted Shares?

Is it profitable to buy Indian Carbon Limited Unlisted Shares


India Carbon Limited, India’s largest manufacturer of calcined petroleum coke, has the proper mix of people and products to meet the needs of the aluminium, steel, and other carbon-intensive sectors. Mr B. Himatsingka created the company in 1961, and it is a pioneer in the calcination sector, having built Asia’s first calcination plant in Guwahati in 1962.  Since its founding, ICL has worked closely with Oxbow Calcining LLC (previously Great Lakes Carbon LLC) in the United States, a world leader in the field of calcined petroleum coke. The company went on to build its second calcination plant in Budge Budge, West Bengal, in 1969.

India Carbon limited share price activity changed after majorly producing and distributing high-quality Calcined Petroleum Coke (CPC), the purest form of carbon with a carbon content of over 99.5 per cent. Along with Calcined Coke, the company also produces Electrode Carbon Paste (ECP) and Tamping Paste, all of which are widely utilized in the Ferro Alloys and Allied Industries and Carbide. Both the Electrode Carbon Paste and the Tamping Paste are made from a combination of carbonaceous materials (CPC, Calcined Anthracite Coal, etc.) and a binder called Soft Pitch. 

Raw Petroleum Coke, or RPC, is the major raw material utilized by ICL in its operations, and it is obtained from oil refineries all over the world. RPC is made from crude oil that has been thermally cracked.

The Primary Customers for ICL are

  1. National Aluminium Company Limited (NALCO), HINDALCO Industries Limited (HINDALCO), Bharat Aluminium Company Limited (BALCO), and Madras Aluminium Company Limited are among the companies involved in the aluminium business (MALCO).
  2. Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL), Tata Iron and Steel Company Limited (TISCO), and Essar Steel are among the companies in the steel industry.
  3. Graphite India Limited and Hindustan Electro Graphite Limited are two companies in the graphite industry.

Financial Highlights


In FY18-19, the Company generated gross income from operations of INR 471.65 crore, up from INR 342.95 crore in the previous financial year, a 37.52 per cent increase over the previous financial year and the highest ever.

Profit after Tax 

In FY18-19, the company made its highest-ever profit after tax in its history, totalling INR 153.71 crore, compared to INR 79.31 crore in the previous financial year.

Earnings per share

The company’s EPS for FY18-19 was INR 580.05 per share, up from INR 299.29 in the previous financial year.

Why should you invest in Indian Carbon Limited shares?

The company has achieved its highest-ever profit after tax in its history, with a profit of Rs.153.71 crore, compared to Rs.79.31 crore the previous financial year. The Company generated gross income from operations of Rs.471.65 crore for the financial year ended 31.03.2019, up from Rs.342.95 crore in the previous financial year, a 37.52 per cent increase over the previous financial year and the highest ever. Calcined Petroleum Coke (CPC) output was 88,829 metric tonnes this year, up from 85,789 metric tonnes the year before, and Electrode Carbon Paste (ECP) production was 5,478 metric tonnes, up from 4,622 metric tonnes the year before, an increase of 3.54 percent and 18.52 per cent, respectively.  Furthermore, CPC sales for the year under review were 73,865 MT, down 10.43 per cent from the previous year’s 82,470 MT. Sales of ECP increased by 17.89 per cent to 5,449 MT from 4,622 MT the previous year.  Production of both CPC and ECP, which is the major ingredient of the Company’s turnover, increased dramatically during the year compared to the previous year, resulting in lower production costs due to much greater capacity utilisation and many improved prices. CPC sales, on the other hand, fell somewhat in the 2018-19 fiscal year compared to the previous fiscal year. 

All of the aforementioned contributed to the Company’s good year, but unhappily, the downturn began at the end of 2018 and has only worsened as a result of the very bad global economy and forthcoming national elections, resulting in a substantial drop in both demand and, more importantly, prices. 


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