Listed Shares Vs Unlisted Shares

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Listed And Unlisted Share Both Have The Fair Market Value And Preferred Investment Sources Of Generating The Huge Profit. If We Make Some Difference Points Of Both The Shares, There Are A Huge List And Points For Both Which Make Them Unique From Each Other.

What Is An Unlisted Share & A Listed Share?

Listed Shares Are Those Which Are Included And Traded By The Stock Exchanges And Open In The Market For Public Investments. For A Company To Be Listed In Stock Exchange They Have Various Prerequisites Needed To Be Fulfil. Then The Company Can Go To The Public From Private To Sell Their Company Shares To The Public. In The Other Hand, Unlisted Shares And Company Are Not On Stock Exchanges But Have Lots Of Shareholders To Fulfil Their Venture And To Be Stable Financially.

Why Is A Company Remains Unlisted ?

  • The Company Size Is Not Large Enough To Qualify The Stock Exchanges.
  • Company Is Not Seeking Public Investors.
  • Very Few Shareholders Holding Their Share.

Key difference between listed shares & unlisted shares are:

The Primary Goal Of Unlisted & Listed Companies Are Earning Profit And To Maximize The Percentage Of Profit As Per Time. They Have Many Differences Likes Company Size, Shareholders And Public Interest.

  • The Main And Primary Difference Between Listed Shares & Unlisted Shares Is , Its Ownership. Which Means The Listed Shares Owned By The Public Investors And Unlisted Shares Have Only The Private Investors In Their List.
  • In Listed Companies The Decisions Of The Companies Made By The Board Of Directors Selected By The Investors Or Shareholders. They Include The Executive And Non-Executive Directors In Board Team.  In Unlisted Companies All The Decision Taken By The Private Investors In General Conferences.
  • Listed Shares Can Be Sold By The Shareholders Without Any Hassles And Also Its Easy To Find Listed Shares Buyers But Unlisted Shares Are Hard To Re-Sale In The Market. But Here At Babli Investment, You Can Buy & Sell Unlisted Shares At Ease.

Benefits Of Investing In Unlisted Shares

Investing In Start-Ups Is Can Be A Big Risk But Also There Is Always An Opportunity That Who Knows That Company Will Be The Next Biggest Company Worldwide. So, We Must Say You Have To Be Take A Chance For Huge Profit.

Unlisted Shares Have The Huge Profit When Investor Choose To Invest Their Capital And It Also Chosen As The Better Investment Option By The Shareholders

The Income-Tax Department The Income From The Transfer Of Unlisted Shares Included In The Capital Gain, Irrespective Of The Holding Period. According To This The Current Updates Are Positive For The Unlisted Share Holders, As They Can Claim Their Profits As Capital Gain Instead Of Business Income.

The Short Term Investment Tax Is 15% And As For Long Term Capital Gain Its 20%, Which Is Beneficial For Unlisted Shareholders. You Can Also Invest In Unlisted Shares Via Many Sources. These Are The Managed Investment Ways To Make You More Understood About Unlisted Shares Benefits & More Ways Of Investment.

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