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Paytm One97 Unlisted Shares, Latest Paytm Share Price | Babli Investment
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Overview of Paytm Unlisted Shares

Paytm Unlisted Shares are one of the most sought-after shares on the market. But why does everyone suddenly want a slice of Paytm share?

Well known as India’s largest payment services provider, Paytm shares are making huge waves in the unlisted share market. Paytm’s parent company is One97 communications.

The past year has been a tremendously successful one for the e-commerce and digital wallet company, particularly for Paytm shareholders. Reports from last November say that Paytm share prices have jumped up to nearly 60 percent of its previous valuation. This steep rise in Paytm share value is a result of many factors, the most significant factor being a huge investment in the firm from US-based Berkshire Hathaway. This has caused the share price of Paytm to surge past its competitors like Mahindra & Mahindra and Godrej Consumer in the unofficial market.

The steep rise in Paytm share price value has not gone unnoticed. It has started to attract investors and shareholders from all over the country. If you’re smart enough to see the inevitable growth of Paytm and the increasing Paytm share price in the stock market, you’d want a slice of this too.

Share Price Of Paytm

Paytm Unlisted Shares Price Click Here To Know The Price

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Paytm Unlisted Shares:

There are many questions that are asked by Investors About Paytm: Is Paytm Listed? Can I invest in Paytm?, Who owns Paytm? Is Paytm a Chinese Company?, Etc.

The Answer is –
Paytm Is Not A Company It Is Just A Brand Of One97 Comm. (Is A Company). One97 Is Completely Owned By An Indian, Resident Director. Paytm Share Is Not Listed In Any Stock Exchange. Hence It Is An Unlisted Share. But Yes, You Can Invest In Paytm Shares. How? You Just Need To Call Us Or Email Us And We Will Help You Buy Paytm Shares At Best Price.

The Recent News updates about Paytm Unlisted Shares:

The Paytm bank share price has experienced a significant rise in value. This steady increase in Paytm share price value can be assigned to several reasons. One major reason is the growing number of Paytm’s global investors and the interest they are generating in consequence. In 2018, Paytm attracted a million dollar investment from Berkshire Hathaway based in Omaha, USA. This multinational conglomerate is owned by none other than Mr. Warren Buffet. Following this, Paytm’s unlisted parent company known as One97 Communications received a ₹ 1 lakh crore valuation thereby topping the unofficial market. In addition to Berkshire Hathaway, the Alibaba Group is also another major investor in Paytm.

The Paytm share price today is approximately ₹ 18,200. Last November, reports started coming in about the sudden jump in the share price of Paytm. Brokers who deal in unlisted shares testify to a 60 percent run-up in Paytm share value from ₹11,000 to roughly ₹18,000 per equity share in just six months.

By attracting leading global investors and generating buzz over its ₹1lakh crore valuation, Paytm has smartly leveraged its position to become the leader of the unlisted share market. Paytm staffers are selling their Esops (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) at a high premium rate to brokers dealing in the unlisted share market. High Paytm share prices and Esop sales gathering around ₹300 crore has transformed the company into the second most valuable startup in India.

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