Tata Technologies Partners With Stratasys For Advanced Additive Manufacturing Tech

Tata Technologies partners with Stratasys for Advanced Additive Manufacturing tech

Tata Technologies is a market leader in engineering services outsourcing and product development. It aids manufacturers in developing higher-quality products. This is one of the most forward-thinking technology firms. Automotive PLM, Aerospace PLM, PLM Software Sales, Enterprise Solution Group, Construction & Heavy Machinery PLM, and more products are available via the company.It Can Deal In A Wide Range Of Products Due To Its Massive Resources. As a result, purchasing Tata Technologies unlisted shares is a wise decision. To obtain the price of Tata Technologies’ unlisted shares as well as other Unlisted Shares, please contact us. We will deal with all the unlisted shares at best prices in India.

Tata Technologies has recently announced a partnership with Stratasys, a 3D printing technology firm, to bring sophisticated additive manufacturing technologies to the Indian industrial sector. The partnership will bring together Stratasys’ complete capabilities and offerings in the polymer space with Tata Technologies’ deep manufacturing domain knowledge and strong presence in the manufacturing sector, delivering end-to-end solutions from concept to prototyping to manufacturing companies based in India, according to the company.

Companies are trying to use new technologies like fast prototyping and 3D printing with computer-aided design software and a variety of raw materials including plastic, thermoplastic, metal, fiber, resin, and ceramic to create sophisticated designs at cheap costs and with less raw material consumption.

Disruptive technologies like additive manufacturing will provide the necessary impetus for manufacturing companies to develop and deliver better products to their customers as they focus on improving their competitiveness in the new reality, according to Tata Technologies President and Global Head of Technology Solutions Anand Bhade.

According to Rajiv Bajaj, Managing Director of Stratasys India and Southeast Asia, additive manufacturing will play a significantly greater role in product creation in the future as firms search for technology solutions to solve weaknesses in production and supply chain logistics.

”Our partnership with Tata Technologies further strengthens Stratasys’ commitment to driving additive manufacturing adoption in the Indian industry. We welcome Tata Technologies, one of the most trusted brands in India, to our ecosystem and are confident that this partnership will accelerate technological transformation in Indian industry and academia with best-in-class Stratasys technology,” he added.

In conclusion we can say that Tata Technologies is an expert in product lifecycle management and managing the launch of new products. Tata Technologies’ stock has recently seen a surge in demand. This is owing to the company’s increased revenue and innovation. Tata Technologies employs 8000 people (2015 Report). In 2016, the company’s revenue increased (USD 450 million) as a result of its hard work and commitment. This demonstrates the strength of Tata Technologies. As a result, this is an ideal unlisted share to invest in. To put it another way, start buying Tata Technologies unlisted shares right now! 

In Pune, India, Tata Technologies has opened a technology lab. It’s a massive 8700 square foot space. As a result, it is expected to grow and prosper in the next few years. 

The Money Invested Tata Technologies has a remarkable record of innovation. As a result, Babli Investment recommends investing in Tata Technologies’ unlisted shares.

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