During the recent market correction, investors have become more interested in pre-IPO space because they are seeking more value and safety margins. In spite of this, short-term investors and bearers of low risks should avoid an unlisted share market.

You will find in this article the of Best Unlisted Shares in India. The most worthy and attractive shares on the market can be found here.

Investing in unlisted shares is referred to as finding ‘hidden gems’ by investors. These shares are attractive because of their potential for growth.

In order to select the ‘hidden gem’, you need to have good stock selection skills.

Before investing in shares that are not listed, there are a few things you should consider. 

Past Performance: 

Taking a closer look at past reports and results can help you to make a more accurate assessment of the future performance of a given share and company.

If you want to ensure that the company is performing well, it is especially important to check the past few years’ performance. Generally speaking, it has grown in the past few years due to the production, revenue generation, profits, and other aspects of its operation.

Company Details: 

Once you have reviewed the past performance, the second thing you need to consider is how the business will perform in the future.

Incorporate details of the company and its directors, management, and administration as well as the skills of those involved in deciding.

In addition, it is important for you to consider whether or not the company has a good reputation in the market. A well-known company, therefore, automatically reduces the risk factor of doing business with them.

It is likely that the company will not wind up because of the well-known products or services they are known for and because they have a loyal customer base, so the chances of them winding up are low.

Future forecast: 

The last thing you need to take care of is anticipating or forecasting the future growth of your company. The performance of the company must be compared with its past and present performance, as mentioned in the previous paragraph.

If you analyze the data and information collected so far, you will be able to envision how it can grow in the upcoming days based on that data.

There is no right or wrong way to choose the unlisted stocks, but you need to pick them according to your anticipation of the growth potential of the firms.

It is now time to take a close look at the top ten unlisted stocks in terms of the above-mentioned factors and evaluate them.

1.Elofic Industries

Filters and lubricants are offered by Elofic Industries Ltd, a leading filter manufacturer in India. The company plans to grow its production capacity to 200 million filters by 2020 from 85 million currently.



  • Its extensive network of distributors, stockists, and retailers is one of its main competitive advantages.
  •  The company also intends to enter the lubricants market in the coming years, which it perceives as having a lot of potential. 
  • Revenue from OEMs, aftermarket, and exports contribute roughly 70% of Elofic’s revenue, with no one segment dominating sales.


  • During the year under review, a modest change is seen in the Company’s sales & other Incomes at Rs.22232 lacs, against Rs.23040 lacs of the previous year, showing a decrease of 3.51% from last year.
  • The domestic sales remained the same as it was in the previous year, whereas the decrease was seen in export sales from Rs.8131 lacs to Rs.7040 lacs. Covid-19 and the resulting lockout in the fourth quarter of the year were the primary cause of lower export sales.


Analyzing data, machine learning, big data, and programming.


Due to the lack of new technology imported last year, technological advancements may pose a threat.

2.Martin And Herris Laboratories Ltd. 

Martin & Harris, based in Gurgaon, is a leading company in the generic medicine market thanks to branded medicines’ increasing costs. Half of the company’s revenue comes from investment and derivative business, which has a strong heritage in the pharmaceutical industry. 

Thus, turbulence in one business limits the company’s downside. Pharma and financial sectors will benefit from it.

A subsidiary of the Apeejay Group, India’s oldest and largest business conglomerate, Martin & Harris Laboratories Ltd was founded in 1996 in Gurgaon, Haryana. Pharmaceutics, medicinal chemicals, and botanical products are produced by Martin & Harris Laboratories Ltd. The company managed its finances in addition to its core business by investing in mutual funds, stocks, and other channels that generated strong returns.



  • While the global crisis is causing the Martin & Harris share price to rapidly increase, the company is unlisted. 
  • According to the company’s 2016 financial report, its revenue was Rs.108 crore. By 2020, it will reach Rs.296 crore.
  •  An increase of 29% is represented by this increase in revenue. As of 2020, EBITDA will be Rs.93 crore up from Rs.36 crore in 2016, a 27% increase.
  •  Having started with Rs.99.5 crore in 2016, assets have expanded by 39% to Rs.366.5 crore by 2020.


In terms of doctors as well as geography (metro to rural), Walter Bushnell, a competitor of the company, has the strongest presence in the pharmaceutical sector.


  • The growth of R&D is fuels the development of new products.
  • Market expansion.
  • A segmentation and association of businesses.


  • Guidelines for intellectual property
  • Conditions in the global economy
  • Litigation over patents

3. Chennai Super Kings (CSK) Unlisted Shares

 CSK remains a strong player even after a multi-bagger surge in the last two to three years. Two new teams raised Rs 7,000 crore in bidding, which rerated CSK as a profit-making and established entity. Unlisted shares like this are good investments. Auctions of broadcasting rights and digital streaming will be the next big triggers for the franchise. In spite of this, the expenses remain high until the IPL is hosted outside of India or behind closed doors. 

The Chennai Super Kings (CSK) are a franchise cricket team representing Tamil Nadu in the Indian Premier League (IPL). 

Chennai’s M.A Chidambaram Stadium hosts the team, which was founded in 2008.

As per the Brand Finance Report, the Super Kings are the most valuable franchise in the IPL with a brand value of $65 million. In addition, according to their report, over 200 million people followed the IPL on digital platforms such as Hotstar this year, which is one of the biggest boosts for the tournament this year.



Quality and Experience in an all-rounder


  • Match practice lacks and age factor plays a role
  • Chennai Super Kings are a top team in IPL 2022 because of their experience, but their age could hurt them in the future. 
  • They do not regularly play international cricket with the majority of their senior players.


  • With a whopping Rs 16,347.50 crore media rights deal for 2018-2022, Star TV reached yet another milestone in the IPL.
  •  As a result of these rights throughout the next five years, franchises will receive 50% of the above sum after deducting production expenses.


  • It was poor batting that hampered CSK’s hopes last season, and if they don’t change their strategies, then they may suffer the same fate this time around.
  •  Dhoni and his team will have to step up their pace bowling if they are to put on a decent showing.

4. Studds Accessories Unlisted Shares 

Looking to make big on the world’s largest helmet and safety product manufacturer?

 We have Studds Accessories for you, a company that produces more than 7 million helmets and other gears every year and exports them worldwide. The company’s products have been certified globally. With constant innovation, the company adds face shields and bicycle helmets to its portfolio, which will remain in demand for many years to come. 

As an industry leader in motorcycle luggage and helmets, Studds Accessories manufactures more than 7 million each year. In recent years, Studds Accessories Limited has developed into the world’s largest two-wheeler helmet manufacturer. A diverse range of over 50 goods are produced by the company, which has its headquarters in Faridabad. In India, this company has a market share of over 26%, and exports to more than 40 countries. It has a long history, a diverse product line, and a strong dealer network.

A 10.85 % increase in revenue complemented their top-line growth. They also increased PAT by 81.05 % over last year, along with operating EBIDTA growth of 41.16%.



Market position: 

  • A company’s established brand name, coupled with the promoter’s experience and good ties with two-wheeler giants, makes the company’s business risk profile more manageable. As India’s number one helmet producer in 2019, SAL managed to maintain its position. 
  • With its debut into the sports helmet and bike helmet segments, coupled with new dealer tie-ups, the company expects to increase its marketing base over the medium term.


It will be difficult for pricing pressure to increase and scalability to increase due to a substantial unorganized segment and existing competitors such as Steel Bird and Vega.


  • In accordance with the research, Studds Accessories Ltd.’s future appears to be stable. 
  • A well-established brand name will continue to benefit the company.


Upward Factor- Stable capex after adequate demand for capacity increases.

Downward Factor- Revenue decreased by 20% and profit by 300 basis points.  Increasing debt, paying out huge dividends, or making unrelated investments will adversely affect a company’s financial risk profile.

 5.National Stock Exchange

The World Federation of Exchanges (WFE) reported that  National Stock Exchange of India is India’s leading stock exchange and the world’s second largest stock exchange according to equity share trades between January and June 2018. In 1992, the company was founded. Following its designation as a stock exchange in April 1993, the wholesale debt market opened in 1994, followed shortly thereafter by the cash market. Among the unlisted shares, NSE is one to keep an eye on in the unlisted shares price list.



Unit with extensive business experience

Workforce with skills

Distributors and sales networks already in place

Buying power at home


Market competition, high loan rates, future competition,


Increase in income level, opening of new markets, growth of the economy


  • There are several factors that affect profitability, including financial capacity, external business risks, price changes, higher labor costs, and price changes.
  • Unlisted shares aren’t necessarily unavailable for trading; a few unlisted companies (hidden gems) make off-market transactions prior to listing. 
  • In the future, when a company’s stock is listed on the stock exchanges, unlisted shares can unlock a great deal of value (IPO route).


What are unlisted shares?

A non-listed share is a security or financial instrument which is not listed on a stock exchange. In addition to being well regulated by the SEBI, the stock market has a relatively low risk of investing due to the transparency of market pricing and disclosures.

What are the best unlisted shares to buy in India?

These shares are on the top in unlisted shares list CSK, NSE, Pharmeasy, Studd accessories etc. are the best unlisted shares to buy in India.

The best place to buy unlisted shares in India?

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How is the unlisted share price in India determined?

Because shares of unlisted companies aren’t traded on stock exchanges, they have no market price. The share’s fair value is instead agreed upon by investors and promoters. For estimating the value of a private company, comparable company analysis is most commonly used.

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