Should you invest in Unlisted Shares of pre-IPO companies?

Pre IPO company

What is Pre IPO Placement? 

A pre-IPO placement is the sale of significant blocks of stock of a company before its first public offering (IPO). The shares are purchased at a lower price than the initial public offering (IPO) price. The placement is a technique for the company to generate capital and mitigate the risk that the IPO will not succeed.

Pre IPO shares in India are Paytm, NSE India, Reliance Retail, HDB Financial, HDFC securities. You can buy the pre-IPO shares in India of these companies as it’s secured and has a good background. 

Pre-IPO stock investments can certainly provide a decent return on investment and can be profitable possibilities if done correctly. Famous financial consultants can provide vital knowledge about Pre-IPO shares in India. Numerous factors should be considered before investing in a firm, including future forecasts, performance, and any financial data research. Pre-IPO share investment is a critical duty, and there are a few measures to take before investing in them to Make Money by Investing in Pre-IPO Shares. 

How to Buy Unlisted Shares in India?

Unlisted shares are traded over-the-counter (OTC) and are significantly less liquid than their listed counterparts. Depending on your broker’s instructions, these shares are not traded on any exchange and are instead transferred through NSDL/CDSL. Before an IPO, companies may issue shares to promoters, workers, or through a private placement, which may end up on the pre-IPO market. 

You’ll need to know how to acquire pre-IPO equities if you want a piece of the action. Here are three strategies to locate and participate in pre-IPO investment possibilities. 

Employ the services of a specialized broker.

Pre-IPO trading is frequently participated in by brokers and financial advisors. They may have purchased stocks that they want to sell or they may represent sellers looking for buyers.

You can inquire about pre-IPO stocks with your present broker or utilize a broker who specializes in pre-IPO sales. 

Pre-IPO Stocks Can Be Purchased Directly From Companies

Another option for purchasing pre-IPO stocks is to act as an angel investor or venture capitalist. You can buy equity in a startup if you offer early-stage funding. You could make a lot of money if the company goes public in the future.

Indirectly Purchase Pre-IPO Stocks

Because of the investor qualifications, minimum investment requirements, and hazards of investing in companies directly, purchasing pre-IPO stocks may appear onerous at this point. If you don’t satisfy those requirements or the risk is too great for you, but you still want to be a part of the pre-IPO market, consider indirectly investing in pre-IPO companies.

When either the promoters or the employees commit to private placements, these shares become marketable.

Investing in pre-IPO companies allows investors to participate in a company’s growth before it is listed on the stock exchange, as well as provide a better opportunity for investors who may not be allocated shares during the IPO subscription period when the offer opens to the public in the case of a high-demand issue. In addition, the volatility of stock prices is quite low. 

Such shares were previously only available to institutional and hedge fund investors, but they are now open to regular investors as well. Several platforms and intermediaries buy stock from employees (ESOPs) and existing investors and resell it to new investors. When buying shares in the unlisted space, however, it is critical to use a reputable established middleman or platform and this is where we step in. 

Babli Investment is the leading investment firm and we give valuable and trusted information to our clients because these are off-market transactions between the buyer and seller. The one-year lock-in period for shares after they are listed is an essential consideration. 


Purchasing pre-IPO stock entails considerable risks and finding available equity in firms you trust in might be difficult. Even if there are major limitations and constraints, it is not impossible.

The sites listed in this post give you a variety of choices. You’ll be in a better position to make an informed decision if you examine them thoroughly. 

As financial advisers, Babli Investments shares such information directly with clients. You can also look at our other blogs to know about the upcoming updates or you can directly contact us with any questions. 

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